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Dream Destiny Education Foundation Pvt.Ltd (formally SBSC Nepal) was officially established on 16th March 2009 as a trusted Educational Consultant. The main objective of this institution is to give proper counseling and preparation to the students those who are looking for higher education in abroad. We assist them to find out their strength and weaknesses and provide beneficial career counseling for their future.

Since the establishment of this institution, we are working for USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe. We give the best test preparation classes by qualified instructor like; Japanese, IELTS, TOEFL, and so on. We also play the vital role to find out the best educational institution according to their prefer subject. It provides proper guidance about the financial solution and visa documentation. We have an excellent team of students, friendly staff and tutors who are always eager to extend their service and support as guidance.

  1. Our main objective is to provide the best counseling about the foreign education, education system, and policies to the students who are in pursuit of higher education in abroad.
  2. To find out the strength and weaknesses of students and give career counseling for their better future.
  3. To offer the best test preparation and personal development classes under the qualified tutor being an outstanding educational consultant.
  4. To exhibit educational programs.
  5. To support for the complete solution of all required documents.

The company has experienced, dedicated, highly intellectual and qualified team to meet its objectives.


The major objectives of Dream Destiny Education Foundation are as enumerated below:

  • To serve as an organization for pooling all information, about educational opportunities in various streams in Colleges / Universities in Nepal and abroad so that the same is shared with the student community.
  • To contribute in the discussions about the quality of higher education imparted in an increasingly diverse higher education arena and also the implications of globalization on higher education.
  • To create awareness on the impact of higher education in a globalize society on the social, political, economic and cultural dimensions.
  • To reach the message of quality education and create awareness about the available opportunities in various streams of education in India and abroad to the widest cross section of student community.
  • To help, guide, counsel and facilitate the students in proper course selection.
  • To co-ordinate the efforts of the students in their career path.
  • To act as representative for Universities in USA, JAPAN, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CYPRUS and other EUROPEAN Countries.
  • To assist the Universities in faculty selection and also formalizing the course curriculum wherever required.
  • To assist the Universities for recruitment of eligible students.
  • To act as a liaison between the universities and the Government and to co-operate between other universities or educational bodies in matters of common interest.
  • To undertake and provide for the publication of newsletters, books and journals.
  • To organize or undertake such programs that would help improve the standards of instruction, teaching, examination, research, library management etc. for the growth and propagation / imparting of knowledge.
  • To facilitate teaching / research staff and students exchange programs.
  • To organize cultural exchange programs that would go a long way in promoting amity.
  • To facilitate and organize conferences and seminars on matters of international importance and awakening.
  • To assist universities in obtaining recognition for their degrees, diplomas and examinations from other universities, Nepali as well as foreign;
  • To channelize efforts for promoting sports, youth welfare programs.
  • To organize cultural exchange programs that would go a long way in promoting amity.
  • To act as a service organization for universities in abroad in whatever manner required or prescribed.
Dream Destiny Education Foundation – Vigor:
  • Reputed Member of Authorized Educational Institutions.
  • Issues ‘On Spot Offer Letters’ for some Universities and Colleges
  • High visa success rate till date.
  • First and the only consultant who provides On Line Interviews for spot admissions to overseas students.
Our services:
  1. One to one counseling
  2. Find out scholarship availability
  3. Documentation (Application, Supporting documents; financial)
  4. Visa processing
  5. Travel assistance
  6. Test preparation classes (IELTS, TOEFL,Japanese language,NAT,  and JLPT etc.)
  7. Interview preparation
Our membership:
  1. Member of ICEF
  2. Certified agent of IATC
  3. Member of WEBA World
  4. Member of ICC Nepal
  5. Member of Nepal Chamber of commerce
  6. Member of ECAN (Educational Consultancy Association of Nepal)