Test of English as a Foreign Language.
Administered by: ETS ( Educational Testing Service )
Website: or
Validity: The score is valid for 2 years.
Fee: $150

TOEFL iBT At-A-Glance

TOEFL is a test that evaluates a non-native English Speaker's ability to read, listen, speak, and write in English through the use of multiple-choice and student response question.

There are four sections in the test:
1. Reading: 60-100 minutes, 3-5 passages, 12-14 questions per passage.
2. Listening: 60-90 minutes, 34-51 questions.
3. Speaking: 6 tasks with 15-30 seconds to prepare and 45-60 seconds to speak.
4. Writing: 50 minutes, 2 Writing

Integrated Tasks
Some questions in the speaking and writing sections require you to speak more than one skill. You will be asked to:
Read, listen and then speak in response to a question.
Listen and then speak in response to question.
Read, listen and then write in response to a question.

Reporting: The score is sent to 4 universities by ETS free of cost at the time of exam. ETS charges additionally for scores sent to universities later.

Registration: By phone, fax or mail.

Forms: Forms can be downloaded from the website.



The TOEFL iBT is a 4.5 hour English test that tests reading comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking, and writing, all in an academic context. Because the TOEFL iBT is taken primarily by students applying for universities in the United States or other English-speaking countries, the orientation of the test is exclusively academic English.


The TOEFL iBT (Internet Based Test) was introduced in 2005 and has progressively been rolled out around the world to replace the TOEFL PBT (Paper Based Test) and the TOEFL CBT (Computer Based Test). The TOEFL PBT is still administered in some test centers but the TOEFL CBT has been discontinued and scores on that test are no longer valid. The scoring on these other two tests is different from the scoring on the TOEFL iBT.


The TOEFL iBT is scored from 0 to 120, with equal weight given to each of the four skills tested. Different universities require different TOEFL iBT scores, and some may also require specific scores on individual skills tested.  TOEFL iBT scores are valid for 2 years after the test.